What is School Council? 

School council provides an opportunity and the means to advise the principal and the Board on any matter pertaining to improvement of student achievement and enhancing the accountability of the education system to parents/guardians. School council is an important venue for the various stakeholders in education to work in partnership. Its role, in collaboration with the principal, staff and the community, is an advisory committee that helps set the priorities of the school, and to enhance learning opportunities, through various activities, for the benefit of our students.

The 2022 – 2023 School Council

We are grateful for all our volunteers that allow the council to do what it does. This year these individuals will hold the following roles:

Council Chair: Rob Pearlstone

Council Co-chairs: Peter Cheung & Adam Arifi

Secretary: Caitlin Green

Events Director: Jil Mangel

Fundraising Directors:  Jil Mangel & Rob Pearlstone

Communications Director: Alison Freeman


School Council is looking forward to hosting fundraisers and events to meet our fundraising goals. 

The Lackner Woods School Council welcomes feedback and suggestions for fundraising and event ideas. Please feel free to contact us at: