Lackner Woods Public School was officially opened on October 25, 2001. Following a Board-wide contest, a student (Joseph Skeete) named the school. Our motto is, “All for one and one for all”.

Our school is a junior kindergarten to grade 6 school located on Zeller Drive, off of Lackner Boulevard in the Grand River south area of Kitchener. The Grand River Conservation Area has a large woodlot located immediately behind the school that has been designated as an Environmentally Sensitive Protected Area.

The school, built to accommodate 450 students, is a single-story building of 3,936 square metres and is situated on 7.02 acres of land. At one point, we had many portables to accommodate our growing school population. Currently, we have just over 500 students. More than brick and mortar, our school stands for a commitment to and belief in all students and our staff believes in the following principles:

L ife long learners

A ctive participation

C aring, collaborative community

K nowledge seekers

N atural, nurturing environment

E ncouraging excellence in everyone

R esponsible, respectful risk-takers


W ide open welcome!

O ne for all, all for one

O wnership and opportunities

D iversity, discovery, dedication

S elf-esteem