Looking for a way to get outside and celebrate Earth Day?

From Thursday, April 22 to Monday, April 26, our Outdoor Education Department is hosting its 2nd annual WRDSB Backyard Bird Count. They invite all WRDSB students and families to participate, whether it is by observing birds at feeders, through a window or on a balcony, or walking in your neighbourhood.

Birds have a lot to teach us, and we hope our students and families will help our outdoor educators identify and count the birds they see. It’s free, fun and easy – all participants that submit observations will get a digital certificate of appreciation.

Last year WRDSB students observed over 34,000 birds! Can we see more this year?

Check out this instructional video to get started. This citizen science project includes digital resources for at-home learning.

Please visit our Outdoor and Environmental Education website or follow them on Twitter for more information on the event and how to participate.

We invite you to use the hashtag #BackyardBirds on Twitter to interact with our outdoor educators or share pictures of the birds you find.

Happy bird-watching!