By Beth Daniel & Chiazor UgwuogoBeth is the co-chair of the Parent Involvement Committee and Chiazor is a Parent Member of the Parent Involvement Committee.

Having children in school means juggling a lot, all at once. The daily routine includes getting dressed, preparing lunches, helping with homework, not to mention extracurricular activities such as sports, art class, and swimming. Well, COVID has put a pause on some of that. In addition to the regular daily routine, the pandemic has brought extra worry and anxiety. Families are left to juggle decisions such as in-person versus distance learning, daily symptom screening, and concern over a lack of social interactions.

Parents and caregivers need help, too, to ease the parenting burden.

One way is to make a positive connection with others to share experiences and ideas. Hearing from experts in the field of parenting can also provide relief. This type of engagement is a meaningful way to take care of ourselves, so we can continue to take care of our children.

Which is why, as members of the WRDSB Parent Involvement Committee, we are excited to offer a series of online speaker sessions for parents and caregivers from April 7 to 10, 2021. These free, online events are designed to engage, equip, and energize you in getting through the rest of the school year. Interested in attending? Visit our website to register. We hope you will join us!

Parent Posts are written by parents, for parents in collaboration with PIC. This series features guest parent bloggers where they share resources and information with other parents. We invite you to email and let us know if there are other topics you’d like to learn more about on Parent Posts.