As you may know, Muslim students will be welcoming the start of Ramadan, the holy month of fasting, at the beginning of May and celebrating Eid at the end of May. Ramadan is about giving, social solidarity, and empathy regardless of faith, class, status or race. It’s about understanding the challenges of hunger that others face and showing compassion and social responsibility

We are inviting you to join us and other WRDSB schools in the Give 30 donation campaign during the month of Ramadan in partnership with the Waterloo Region Food Bank and Cambridge Food Bank.

In the spirit of inclusivity, we would like to introduce you to Give30WR.

Give30WR is about everyone, regardless of faith or background. Support Give30WR during the month of Ramadan so we can fight hunger in our communities. This initiative is about caring for our neighbours and making a difference, together.

For more information, visit the national campaign at

Waterloo Region campaign details:

Since 2017, Give30WR has raised over $45,000 in food and cash donations.

Online donations can be made at

“Donations of food and funds provide help to over 32,000 individuals in Waterloo Region accessing food support. During the spring and summer months donations are at their lowest – yet hungry neighbours need food as much as ever.” – Wendi Campbell, Chief Executive Officer, The Food Bank of Waterloo Region.

Help us fight hunger in our community by supporting The Food Bank of Waterloo Region. As a school community we CAN make a difference! Thank you!