We would like to remind you about the lesson plan that will be delivered to your children starting Monday, April 6th. In response to the Minister of Education’s announcement on March 31 that schools would remain closed until at least May 4, the WRDSB ended the week in lockstep with Provincial requirements and committed to contacting 100 percent of the board’s 64,000 students as part of Phase 2 of the Distance Learning Program.

“The Minister has been clear that Boards are to ensure that students and families are supported to resume learning in distance education. The WRDSB is readying the learning environment and setting students up for success.” said John Bryant, Director of Education.

“Our teachers and our staff (including social workers, educational assistants and early childhood educators) are committed to ensuring that every child has the necessary tools for this program to succeed, and knows how to stay safe, connected, active and well. This is the lesson plan that educators will be delivering starting on Monday, April 6th.”

The Minister of Education underlined the requirement that distance learning cannot widen the achievement gap – all students and families need to be able to participate – a guiding principle of the WRDSB@Home initiative.

The WRDSB will continue collaboration as the province flows the “tools and supports they (School Board’s) need to maximize the opportunities and achievements of all learners in the province in an online setting.” (Stephen Lecce, March 31, 2020)

We remind students and staff during an unprecedented and stressful time that there are numerous organizations providing critical and professional support for children facing mental health concerns or distress. For example, Kids Help Phone offers 24/7 counselling and referral services across the province.